RY-relaa leather casual shoes 2019 new thick-soled ins old socks women's shoes fashion tide shoes sponge shoes sneakers

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Why choose genuine leather shoes:
1) Genuine leather shoes breathable, it is useful for the legs; feet do not sweat, do not smell; polyurethane shoes do not breathe, respectively, the feet in such shoes sweat, which is harmful to health.

2) Shoes from genuine leather of higher quality, more wear-resistant, respectively, such shoes can be worn for more than 3 years. It helps to save your money. Shoes made of polyurethane quickly come into disrepair, need to be replaced after 1 or 1.5 years. Accordingly, you spend more money.

4) Buying shoes made of genuine leather, you protect the environment, express your social position; polyurethane, on the contrary, is a synthetic material that does not decompose in nature, which is very harmful for the environment.

Why choose our store:

1). Good quality shoes, good workmanship, all seams are flat, shoes are well stitched, we use quality materials (high-quality genuine leather);

2). Good style and ergonomic shape of the shoe;

3). We have a good reputation, we have a responsible approach to the manufacture of shoes and maintenance, we are not cheating


(No reviews yet) Write a Review